Adjustable Height Channel Leg 803 Series Bench


Adjustable Height Channel Leg 803 Series Bench

Heavy duty construction throughout; legs, stringers, shelves, backboards, and end pieces are 14 gauge.
Steel tops are 12 gauge.
Channel legs are available with glides for uneven floors and casters for mobile benches.
Steel parts standard in gray finish.
Tops are stocked in plastic (non-glare white), conductive (anti-static), 12 gauge steel, and wood.
Shipped knocked down.
Bench height adjusts from 30.75” to 34.75”.

The 803 series benches include a tabletop, adjustable channel legs, a stringer, and a lower shelf.

803 Series                            WORKING SURFACE

4’ 24” 803-S-424 803-P-424 803-W-424
5’ 24” 803-S-524 803-P-524 803-W-524
6’ 24” 803-S-624 803-P-624 803-W-624
4’ 30” 803-S-429 803-P-430 803-W-430
5’ 30” 803-S-529 803-P-530 803-W-530
6’ 30” 803-S-629 803-P-630 803-W-630
4’ 36” 803-S-436 803-P-436 803-W-436
5’ 36” 803-S-536 803-P-536 803-W-536
6’ 36” 803-S-636 803-P-636 803-W-636